22nd-25th October – Seville

Become a Certified Instructor of Bachata Sensual


At least 1 year of experience teaching.

Basic level of English or Spanish.

To have a dance partner or to teach alone.

Wanting to become official instructor.

You want to take your Bachata Sensual knowledge to the next level.

567 Studio 

Calle Mansíos, 7, 41900 Camas, Sevilla

Become an Instructor

Admission process steps

Fill out the form.

Send us your video dancing. You can also text the link in the form. It has to be a video of social dancing, not choreography.

Your video will be reviewed by Korke and Judith and approved or declined.

Once you get approved you only need to pay the reservation fee.

About the Course…

History of Bachata and foundations of Bachata Sensual.

Dominican history and basic steps.

Advanced Bachata Sensual techniques.

How to become the perfect teacher.

Solve difficult situations in class.

Musicality foundations.

Summary of the Course

· Dossier that includes all the content given in the course.

· Life-time access to the Bachata Sensual video dictionary with the explanation.

Instructor Certification

After getting your certificate you will be able to join the private community of Bachata Sensual instructors. You will have exclusive formations and tips, and also the opportunity to be hired by other members of the community.And you will be facing as official in www.bachatasensual.com

Price of the Course

The price of the full course and the certification is 500€ per person. The reservation fee is 100€ and once you are accepted you will be able to make the payment.