¿Where Bachata Sensual Was Born?

Bachata Sensual was born in Cádiz more than 15 years ago. Founded and developed by Jorge Escalona (Korke) interpreting the music in an unique and sensual way.

He interpreted the instruments with longer movements and isolations, in other words, a higher corporal expression. Without dismissing the origins and keeping the essence of the traditional bachata.

It was not until the arrival of Judith Cordero, a dancer with more than 10 years of experience, when Bachata Sensual rose to the next level, providing to it a more technical and visual style. 

korke y jduith

Bachata Sensual Community grows every day

Nowadays, it is one of the most practiced couple’s dances in the world, growing exponentially day by day thanks to its careful methodology that is what makes it an internationally recognized dance style.

bachata sensual ambassadors

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Luis García and Andrea Cobos (Cádiz and Ibiza) began their career separately, obtaining different titles at a national and international level. They have training in different disciplines of Latin rhythms such as Salsa, Bachata and Chachachá also flamenco and gymnastics. It is in 2015 when they began their professional career together participating in congresses around the world. The same year they do the Asian tour, they are considered idols in that continent. The recognition of their dance crushes when their unique style begins to go viral, which stands out for its careful technique, sensuality and fluidity. Currently they are one of the most acclaimed couples in the world for their closeness and unique and sensual style.

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TRuji & Gloria

Gloria Ramos, from Badajoz, has been trained in classic, contemporary and jazz. After learning for many time salsa and bachata, Truji (Alberto Trujillo) who was one of the best Korke students, joined her dancing life. Meanwhile they were receiving formation and suiting each other, they started travelling the 5 continents representing the values and feeling of Bachata Sensual. Sensuality, charisma and purity represent perfectly their style, when something difficult seems simple something magic happens.

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kike & nahir

Nahir has been formed since very young in Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, urban dance, Arab and Latin dance for one of the most prestigious dance academies in Argentina. Champion of Bachata World Champion in 2013 and the National Champion of Argentina in 2011, 2013 and 2015. It was not until 2018 when Kike Utrera, world pioneer of Bachata Sensual, and Nahir began their career as a dance couple. Kike, originally from Cádiz, dancer and choreographer with more than 10 years of experience has participated in the most important bachata events worldwide. Being recognized as a pioneer of different styles of bachata and promoter of one of the most important bachata events in the world, Made in Cádiz.

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kiko & christina

Kiko Ortega and Christina Schirjaev, dancers with 10+ years of experience, started to share their passion together in 2013. After creating their brand KC dance projects, they traveled to various festivals around Europe. They were the first to organize a competition in Germany, the Bachata Festival in Hamburg. They have trained several dancers in Spain and Germany, known for their didactics and detailed methodology. In 2017 both moved to Basel, Switzerland, in order to create a bachata teaching concept for the dance school “Bailamos Salsa”. Today they are really famous in north Europe and internationally recognized and appreciated for their unique style based on a good connection concept and their teaching quality.

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Berra and Laura, both from the city of Seville, are our newest Bachata Sensual ambassadors and we couldn’t be happier about it. Both Berra and Laura have danced for over 10 years separately, with training in latin dances, performing arts and other disciplines and artistic modalities. They are the artistic directors of the dance school Studio 567 in Seville, where they teach together with several professionals of various styles. They have been dancing together for more than four years and they have already experienced so much. They have won several both national and international competitions, including Spain Bachatastars, becoming sub champions in 2016 and champions in 2017. They also became champions of Sobretodo Bachata in 2017, champions of World Bachatastars in 2018 and sub champions in World Bachata Masters of 2019.

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alonso & noelia

Aunque todavía la marca no lo sabe, ellos son el futuro de la bachata sensual. Su historia comenzó en 2017, y desde entonces van enamorando con su estilo sensual a todo aquel que los conoce. En tan sólo tres años de recorrido han conseguido varios titulos a nivel nacional e internacional y actualmente cuentan con 10K en instagram.

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