Bachata Sensual family is bigger than ever before

Do you want to be a Certified Bachata Sensual Instructor?

Push your career to the next level!

The qualified and authorized Bachata Sensual instructors not only teach the 10 basic techniques that makes them master the style, they also follow a detailed teaching methodology.

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A structure of work created through more than 15 years of experience is trasmitting to the new instructors. How to speak, tricks, how to communicate with the public and what it means to be part of Bachata Sensual family. More than a right, it’s a responsability.


All instructors are clear about the roots of the Sensual Bachata. Respect and promote the values of its mother, the Dominican bachata. Proud of the teaching system created and the teaching methodology to instruct. Now we can affirm that Bachata Sensual is teaching in the same way “around the world”.

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Meet the other members and become part of the Bachata Sensual Family. We are hundred of instructors arround the world, taking care of every detail about teaching this style, making it unique and worldwide recognized with the same ideologies.

A Unique Experience

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What the Course includes

  • History of Bachata and foundations of Bachata Sensual
  • Dominican history and basic steps
  • Advanced Bachata Sensual techniques
  • How become the perfect teacher
  • Solve difficult situations in class
  • Musicality foundations
  • Pre Course (Extra material with Dossier and Videos that you should study before the course starts)
  • Dossier that includes all the content given in the course
  • Life-time access to the Bachata Sensual video dictionary with the explanations
  • ​Upon completing the course, you will receive an official certification

Conditions to
do the Course:

  • At least, 1 year of experience teaching
  • Basic level of English or Spanish
  • To have a dance partner or you teach alone
  • You want to become certified Bachata Sensual instructor
  • You want to take your Bachata Sensual knowledge to the next level


NOVEMBER 11th TO 13th OF 2022

Teachers: Korke & Judith

DECEMBER 2nd TO 4th OF 2022

Teachers: Korke & Judith